Goatpenis / Demonic Apparition ‎– United In Demonic Warfare LP

Goatpenis / Demonic Apparition ‎– United In Demonic Warfare LP

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Goatpenis / Demonic Apparition ‎– 'United In Demonic Warfare' LP
Black vinyl edition with insert
With close to thirty years and dozens of releases to its name, Goatpenis has established itself as one of the most venerable bands in bestial black metal. Over the course of those years and the sizable catalog that the band has amassed, little has changed in terms of its music. This observation serves as a testament to the band’s commitment to authenticity. Whereas many other bands eventually find the need to reinvent themselves, Goatpenis instead has stayed the course and consistently produced among the most savage of aural barbarities that humankind has witnessed. In fact, it is one of the few bands that truly deserves the often-overused label of “war metal,” due to the violence inherent in its sound and lyrical themes. Unlike Goatpenis, Demonic Apparition is a name that has just begun to take root in the soil of its native British Columbia, Canada. To this point, Demonic Apparition has produced a single independently-released demo tape. This is not to say, however, that the band lacks the pedigree of Goatpenis. To the contrary, it is composed of members who previously cut their teeth in other legendary B.C. bands that date back decades, such as Witches Hammer and Procreation. Demonic Apparition’s style, though different from the militaristic cadence of Goatpenis, is equally cataclysmic in its debilitating low-end rumble. This split LP release, “United in Demonic Warfare,” aptly pairs these two behemoths in an unrelenting, dual-pronged, black metal assault.

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