Abhor ‎– Occulta Religio CD

Abhor ‎– Occulta Religio CD

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Abhor ‎– 'Occulta Religio' CD
The new 2018 album delves deeply into the band's self-styled sound of Esoteric Horror Black Metal creating a work of bewitching mysticism and beyond-the-veil secrecy, 'Occulta religiO' is black metal of an unmistakably ancient vintage. Neither regressive nor progressive, ABHOR simply conjure a now-trademark sound that ably balances doomed-out traditionalism, sinister textural layering, and impassioned playing. It all reaches a fever pitch on Occulta religiO, where the concepts of occultism, esotericism, alchemy, witchcraft, Satanism, and dark folklore are given flight on leathery wings. Spooky and spelunking, ABHOR here create seven spells in a compact 40 minutes, entrancing the listener with seamless ease, indeed vividly capturing the medieval sensations running through each of their songs.

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