Abruptum ‎– Orchestra Of Dark CD

Abruptum ‎– Orchestra Of Dark CD

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Abruptum ‎– 'Orchestra Of Dark' CD

Digipak edition

The 1991 demo (originally 'The Satanist' demo (1990) reissued with an outro track and further noise enhancements). This is the complete 1991 track list as issued on the 'Orchestra of the Dark' cassette (1992) demo tape.  This is the demo which compelled Mayhem's Euronymous to sign the band to his Deathlike Silence Productions. Now it has been finally resurrected in all of its murky, mired, doomed and demented glory! A twisted and tortured work of anguish, droning dark noise and death worshiping black metal from Sweden. A must for Abruptum devotees & fans of filthy, destructive 90s Black Metal!


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