Black Crucifixion ‎– The Fallen One Of Flames CD

Black Crucifixion ‎– The Fallen One Of Flames CD

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Black Crucifixion ‎– 'The Fallen One Of Flames' CD
New 2021 CD issue of this classic 90s underground demo! Initially released as a limited edition tape by Fallen Pages Productions in 1992. This is the sound of Finnish black metal as it was greeted by the underground community for the first time. The fact that there was two Beherit members playing on the recording did not mean that Black Crucifixion would have been some sort of side project. "While Beherit’s early recordings became total cult items and the band has been praised incessantly to this very date, their brother band Black Crucifixion, hailing from the very same circles in northern Finland, never garnered the same amount of attention. The Fallen One of Flames is, nonetheless, an essential piece of the country’s black metal history. If you’re to explore what the history of Finnish black metal has to offer in its very first years, The Fallen One of Flames is a logical purchase among the obvious ones. It convinces with its deep dark atmosphere and knows to crush with riffs. A worthwhile re-release undoubtedly, and wholeheartedly recommended."

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