Cauldron Black Ram ‎– Slaver CD

Cauldron Black Ram ‎– Slaver CD

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Cauldron Black Ram ‎– 'Slaver' CD
Striking in 2020 with this barbaric siege of cataclysmic ancient rumblings and debauchery most foul from the Australian hooves of cauldron beast the pitch blackest of rams!  ‘Slaver’ presents ten sordid new tales of grim malevolence and dishonorable miscreants. The experienced hand of decades renders this singularly underground beast adept in the dark arts of skulduggery and churning sodden Death deliverance, a task of which they partake with cruel delight.
 The villains of Cauldron Black Ram uniquely slay their enemies with demented grooves, blackened thrash malice and sludgy death metal barbarity. The lash of the whip hangs heavy on ‘Slaver’ and the stench of war torn lands, scorched villages and wanton thievery seeps from the thick heavy atmosphere. A declaration of desperate yet almighty blows, rending limbs and dimming hopes… swords, sorcery and barbarian conquests.

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