Consummation - The Great Solar Hunter CD

Consummation - The Great Solar Hunter CD

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Consummation - 'The Great Solar Hunter' CD
Slipcase edition
New 2019 album of spiteful, harsh Black Metal from Queensland, Australia delivered with dark and sinister grandiosity. Dissonant yet always simmiering with subtle self control, “The Great Solar Hunter” is the result of the band’s serpentine-like build up since inception, to a impenetrable demonic yet monolithic sound. The band’s elongated tracks are a key element that define their sonic vastness. Dark, murky, atmosphere-drenched dissonance and twisted guitar riff mutations flow through tension and intense passage while they shape-shift towards building something even more of grandeur; culminating in epic and moving moments of melancholic majesty and triumph. It is through such characteristics that give CONSUMMATION a sense of singularity and noteworthiness within the mire of extreme death/black metal. 

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