Archgoat ‎– The Luciferian Crown CD

Archgoat ‎– The Luciferian Crown CD

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Archgoat ‎– 'The Luciferian Crown' CD
Digipak CD edition
With grim reliability in 2018 ARCHGOAT discharge yet more pustulant diabolic foulness into a world increasing moulded in their image. ‘The Luciferian Crown’ is a frighteningly-focused vision of hellish corruption, unsentimental, morally abhorrent and steeped in a violent horror all too real. Contemporaneous with the uncanny classics of Finnish death and black metal – ARCHGOAT share the same penchant for mind-altering atmospherics, blurring the mystical song-craft of first wave black metal with guttural punk, primitive thrash, the sonorous barbarism of vintage death metal and grindcore that reeks of putrefaction.

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