Crucifier – Say Your Prayers MLP

Crucifier – Say Your Prayers MLP

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Crucifier – 'Say Your Prayers' MLP
Black vinyl edition limited to 400 copies
New 2022 EP from one of the longest-running entities in the American underground. CRUCIFIER was formed in 1990 by vocalist/drummer Cazz Grant & have kept consistent to their blasphemous, blackened death metal style steeped in the truly ancient and most underground ways. Now, four years after their last recording CRUCIFIER return to ruin everyone's day with a five-song/26-minute mini-album. Primal but not primitive, weird and wandering but fully locked-in and never forgetting the METAL aspect, the quartet create a ghastly, grimy experience here, with Grant's vocals in particular stunning in their diabolic delirium. Furthering that delirium are the mind-mangled leads by Spencer "Madman" Murphy, also aided by Grant, altogether proving that CRUCIFIER's eldritch sound is eternal. Concluded by a Carnivore cover, CRUCIFIER never stop the madness, so Say Your Prayers!

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