Evil  ‎– Rites Of Evil LP

Evil ‎– Rites Of Evil LP

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Evil  ‎– 'Rites Of Evil' LP
Red vinyl edition
The 2017 debut full-length from Evil, a four-piece black/speed metal band from Tokyo, Japan. Including venerable bands such as Bathory, Hellhammer and Slayer in its list of prominent influences that in all span at least three continents and various subsets of first-wave black metal and satanic speed metal, the ones that shine through the most are early Sodom, Sarcofago, and fellow compatriots Sabbat and a certain, notorious Japanese punk metal band.  The comparison to Sabbat is notable immediately with the intro riff to “除夜 Nightmare Bells (Joya),” which is similar in its composition and function to the iconic riff in “Welcome to Sabbat” that opens the “Desecration” EP. Additionally, Evil’s music is peppered with a healthy dose of ingredients adopted from the recipe of old Brazilian deathcore and its primary progenitor, Sarcofago.  An example most reflective of this inspiration is “曼荼羅 Mandala (Mandala),” the Japanese equivalent of a song that could otherwise be easily mistaken as a lost track from Sarcofago’s “I.N.R.I.” recording sessions.  Replete with borderline chaotically-executed percussion, rhythmically-barked vocals and the occasional banshee cry so representative of that scene’s output, this song is clearly a reverent nod to the great Minas-Gerais scene of the mid-to-late 1980s.  Finally, but not insignificantly, Ryo "Asura" Kitamura’s vocal style is very similar to that of the aforementioned Japanese hardcore legends, and the reliance on his native Japanese language in the lyrics adds a touch of authenticity and prevents the awkward musical caricature that often results when Japanese metal bands opt for English lyrics with a starkly Japanese accent in their delivery.  Having toiled in the shadows to prepare this black metal Molotov cocktail, Evil is eager to unleash its fury on the largely unsuspecting masses.

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