Kaleikr ‎– Heart Of Lead LP

Kaleikr ‎– Heart Of Lead LP

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Kaleikr ‎– 'Heart Of Lead' LP
180g Black vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve
2019 album of Icelandic Black Metal. ‘Heart Of Lead’ is a phenomenal debut album. Structured as a journey from sadness through despair to total mental collapse, the album begins at a sunrise coloured with the reflective purity of viola, gradually becoming darker and stranger with each following song as it builds towards a never-ending sunset.
KALEIKR use the riff-complexity and clarity of progressive Death Metal, sparing bursts of emotive Black Metal dissonance, forlorn Hellenic leads and section transitions worthy of prime OPETH or ENSLAVED - all coated in a translucent layer of preternatural psychedelia - to augment lyrical themes of self-contradiction, despondency and delirium.

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