Lamentation ‎– Grabens Symphonie 2CD

Lamentation ‎– Grabens Symphonie 2CD

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Lamentation ‎– 'Grabens Symphonie' 2CD
An absolutely essential dungeon synth release from one of the 90's pioneers of the genre! This carefully compiled double CD compilation spans the Greek band's entire career containing the first CD issue of material previously only circulated on cassette tape in the 90s and now highly sought after, featuring Demo I "Eine Symphonie der Nacht" (1994), Demo II "Fullmoon Over Faerhaaven" (1995),  Demo III: "As ShadowKingdom Comes to My Sight" (1996) & 1996 Unreleased Promo recording. This music is pure dungeon synth how it was originally intended to be, oozing dark haunting atmospheres and Gothic grandeur to haunt the listener and whisk them away to another place and time. Recommended!

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