Martire ‎– Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse LP

Martire ‎– Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse LP

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Martire ‎– 'Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse' LP
Black vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with A2 poster
Legendary pioneering Australian death metal band formed in 1986 who should be synonymous with the Australia scene yet remain underrated in their contribution which is up there with the likes of Slaughter Lord, Hobbs Angel of Death & Sadistik Exekution!
Few debut albums conjure the sort of rabid anticipation that has developed around Martire’s “Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse.” Until now, this album seemed to be one of those legendary recordings that would remain forever buried. Although recorded years ago and only finally released in 2012, this album sounds every bit as unique as fans of Martire would expect. Indeed, listening to this record now it sounds as if, by delaying this release for so many years, Martire were simply giving the rest of the scene a chance to catch up. And, yet, “Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse” demonstrates that Martire are still far ahead of their peers. This is a disorienting album in the best way possible. Martire routinely employ unconventional time signatures and constantly engage in dizzying start/stop exercises. For many, primitive bestiality and technical virtuosity represent the opposite ends of a spectrum. 

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