Mournful Congregation ‎– Weeping Tape

Mournful Congregation ‎– Weeping Tape

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Mournful Congregation ‎– 'Weeping' Tape
Pro Cassette with transparent midnight blue shell and fold out j card limited to only 200 copies.
The first cry in the darkness came in 1994 when from the serene country side of Australia a recitation of woe was let loose upon the world.  The first uttering of  sublime and melancholy funeral doom from Mournful Congregation, a full length demo which was only released on tape . A release that would be circulated prolificly and become legendary in the underground, helping to define and influence the genre of funeral doom. This tape is a replica of the original tape and nothing beats listening to this 33 minutes and 19 seconds of down trodden doomful despair on tape as it originally was and was intended to be.

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