Scottish Witches and Wizards by H. M. Fleming

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'Scottish Witches and Wizards'
By H. M. Fleming (2001)
Paperback 119 pages Goblinshead
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This accessible and readable book features true accounts primarily from the perilous times of Scottish witch hunts about those who were believed to be witches or wizards. An accusation, however ill formed, often led to trial and being burnt at the stake. Described are the reputed powers of witches and wizards -- including charms, spells, and demonic pacts -- how this magic was used, and what happened to those who were accused: some 3,000 people in all. The book is divided into three sections: introduction, magic, and cases. The first section gives a background to different theories about witches and witchcraft, and explains how a witch was processed through the courts to execution. The second section looks at the practice of witchcraft: what they did and how they did it using spells, charms, and potions. The final section is devoted to different cases, some typical and some more unusual, that occurred from the late sixteenth century up to 1724. Cases included are from Fife, Abderdeenshire, Auldearn, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, as well as the notorious North Berwick trials and infamous Bargarran Case that has been compared to the Salem witch trials. Some of the cases do have a touch of humor to them, as in the Ellen Gray case, about a woman who was accused of having bewitched Thomas Riddell in 1598 so that "his wand lay nevir doune"; he later died from this uncomfortable condition. Scottish Witches and Wizards is an entertaining and instructive book about a mysterious and compelling subject.

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