StarGazer  ‎– Gloat / Borne LP (NUMBERED TEST PRESSING)

StarGazer ‎– Gloat / Borne LP (NUMBERED TEST PRESSING)

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StarGazer  ‎– 'Gloat / Borne' LP  (TEST PRESSING)
Black vinyl edition TEST PRESSING with white hand numbered label. Presented in  amazing metallic silver mirrored sleeve. No insert. Limited to 20 test pressing copies
For 25 years, StarGazer have produced some of the most potent, if unconventional, black/death metal the world has seen. This release showcases the band in its primordial form, the zero point from which StarGazer has since been expanding. On StarGazer’s earliest recordings—the “Gloat” demo, released in 1996, and the “Borne” EP from 1997—one can already hear the band laying the foundation for the sonic peregrinations that characterize its later work. Despite featuring the most primitive production in the StarGazer catalog—it was performed live and captured on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder—the “Gloat” demo exhibits a staggering degree of complexity. And although the demo is undeniably more straightforward than the band’s subsequent work, it is hardly orthodox. “Gloat” is a feeding frenzy of precision death metal with unpredictable time signatures and wild riffing. Feral guitars wind and unwind around chaotic explosions of percussion in what are some of the band’s most relentless and caustic tracks. It was with the “Borne” EP, however, that StarGazer began in earnest to sculpt their sound into something truly unique. The elliptical riffing, effortless transitions between divergent tempos, and generally seamless composition for which StarGazer is recognized are prevalent on this EP. Includes rare previously unreleased track.

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