Striborg ‎– A Procession Of Lost Souls CD

Striborg ‎– A Procession Of Lost Souls CD

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Striborg ‎– 'A Procession Of Lost Souls' CD
2017 full length album and a return to the roots of low fi, hazy Black Metal misanthropy. Striborg and one-man black metal are synonymous and has influenced and shaped twenty years of prospective artists while continuing to evolve, experiment and reach into the deepest dark corners. On “A Procession of Lost Souls”, Sin-Nanna rewinds the clock a bit shedding some of the accessible development and drives into the heart of the black metal purist. This release is full of the classic reverbing lo-fi sound many came to associate with Striborg over the previous two decades. Ultimately, “A Procession of Lost Souls” sears itself as a pillar of the Striborg catalogue. Limited to 950 copies.


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