The Truth About the Tarot by Gerald Suster

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'The Truth About the Tarot'
By Gerald Suster 1990
1990 paperback - Rare out pf print
Condition: Used excellent condition with only very minor wear
Places the 78 cards of the Tarot firmly in their place as the vital transforming tool of magic in the 90s.
The 'Truth about Tarot' is the first truly practical manual of magickal divination by the renouned and provocative author, Gerald Suster. Best known for his definitive works on Crowley and Regardie, Gerald has battled through fiction, biography, and a prolific output of articles in the occult press against the hypocrisy and moral sqeamishness that is often trotted out in the name of Magick.

This book tears away the suburban morality so often applied to the Tarot, and in its place provides a practical method of using the cards as a radical, powerful, and dynamic influence in personal transformation. Rather than giving a static set of values, Gerald Suster encourages an individual journey of self-exploration combined with an exhaustive study of the arcana.

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