Worship ‎– Last CD Before Doomsday CD

Worship ‎– Last CD Before Doomsday CD

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Worship ‎– 'Last CD Before Doomsday' CD
In 1999 one of the most horrid misanthropic emissions emerged from the German underground scene with the release of the classic and infamous 'Last Tape Before Doomsday'. This most fucked up, anti-human, depressive slab of down tempo, dirgeful, miserable FUNERAL DOOM became legendary in a time before doom was trendy. Written by the hand of the late but not forgotten 'Fucked-up Mad Max' this tape has now re-emerged in several incarnations including this 2014 reissue of the recording entitled, 'Last CD Before Doomsday'. This is an essential tombstone in the historical graveyard of funeral doom that any self proclaimed doom fan should own lest they be labeled & impaled as trendy! This edition is limited to 1000 copies with an obi strip. Please buy this so that Max Max can keep on selling cocaine to angels in heaven.

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