Creating Amulets and Talismans using the Rose Cross Method

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Creating Amulets and Talismans using the Rose Cross Method

Rose Cross Sigil Generator, Israel Regardie, Sigil Magick, Seance Records Occult Magazine

Hello everyone, welcome to the second article of The ♄exaGRAM with Gabriel. In today's article I will show you how to create an amulet or talisman that will help you attract the things you desire, or repel and bind problems (or people) you want gone from your life.

The amulets and talismans will be constructed the same way, though for amulets you construct them during the waning phase of the moon; after the full moon to the new moon, with preference to the night of the New Moon. Inversely for talismans, you construct them during the waxing cycle of the moon; from the night after the new moon to the full moon, with preference to the night of the Full Moon.

All you will need is the rose cross generator provided in his article (or from an image search), a variety of coloured pens, a tracing paper pad, a ruler and circular stencils from a geometry or compass kit.


Drawing Tool for creating Sigils using the Rosy Cross Rosicrucian Tradition. Seance Records Occult Magazine


Rose Corss Sigil Generator, Rosicrucians Senace Records Occult Magazine

Right click on Image and Save so you can print it out at home.


Above is the Rose Cross sigil generator. It was originally in Hebrew, but was translated into English letters for easier use.

To start the process of creating an amulet or talisman, you first have to decide which one you need to construct.
The easiest way to discern this is whether you want to bring something towards you, such as healing, luck, love, wealth or bring about a positive quality or effect etc. Or push or bind something, such as protection from something/someone, to bind someone, to ward against a spirit, an emotion, bad thoughts or habits etc.

A is for Amulet as in AWAY
T is for Talisman as in TOWARDS

Amulets can also be physical objects that ward off evil, such as a crucifix or a charm, but today we are going to make them from paper.

Besides creating this during the appropriate moon phase, it is your intent and desire that is most important part of the process as you construct them, especially with the final step as you charge them for use.


Temple Of The Rosy Cross, Sigil Magick, Seance Records Occult Magazine

Copy and print out the rose cross generator above or from an image search.
Using my printer settings, I made my rose cross nine centimetres in diameter so it fits with my geometry tools, also when I fold it in quarters it fits into a triangular pouch necklace that sits over my Tiphareth (heart) centre, which I will show further in the article.

Let's start with an example to explain the process. Say you are working on a project and you are having problems focusing, you are getting easily distracted. We want to bring more focus to our minds and work so we are going to create a talisman of FOCUS.

First we take the rose cross generator and insert it underneath a sheet of tracing paper. Take the smaller geometry circle template that is the same size diameter as the generator and draw a complete circle around it in black. Then take the bigger geometric template and draw an outer ring also in black. This outer ring is optional as I'll explain later.


Rose Cross Sigil Generator, Sigil Tracing, Sigil Craft, Sigil Magick, Seance Records Occult Magazine

The outer ring is for us to inscribe any name or power word to use to enhance the sigil.
Next we will take a pen to create our sigil. I have chosen a red pen because red is the colour of the element of Fire. One of the attributes of the fire element is strong will, which correlates to our desire for greater focus.

So on the sigil generator, we are going to trace out with a pen and ruler:


For the first letter which is F, we are going to start the sigil with a small circle. Then with the middle letters we will join each letter using a ruler. The last letter S, we will end the sigil with a short line perpendicular to the line from U.
The drawn sigil is below:

.Sigil Craft, Sigil Magic, Rose Cross Sigil generator, Focus

Here is the sigil with and without the generator underneath the tracing paper.
Notice how there is no C on the generator, and I have used G instead?

Well G is for the Hebrew letter Gimel, which is the Hebrew root for the English letters G and C, so that is why we used the letter G instead.
Also there are two O's on the generator. One with V,O,U and the other one with A,O. I used the V,O,U as that is for the Hebrew letter Vav (hook), which equates to the letter O, whereas A,O is the Hebrew letter Ayin (eye) which is usually silent.

Just a quick note: Sometimes you will chose words that have the same successive letters, such as attract or success. The way to draw sigils with repeated letters is to use a little hump to denote the repeated letter. The hump can be either way depending on what direction the next letter is.
See below for the sigil for “attract” to see what I mean:


Sigil Craft, Sigil Magick, Rose Cross, Rosicrucians, Seance records Occult Magazine

As you are creating the sigil, both in the inner and outer ring, think on the purpose of this sigil and put that intent into every line and letter that you write.
Furthermore you can use more than one word. Say you want to create an amulet for protecting your home, and you choose “Protect Home”.
You would create this as two separate sigils that overlap each other, one for protect, and one for home.

Now we are ready to fill in the outer ring of our sigil. As mentioned earlier this is an optional step. If you want to just have the inner sigil, you can stop there, and not add the outer ring. If you want to add the outer ring and a power word you have many options as vast as your imagination. You can write in it in English or any other language, it can be God, Demon or spirit names and even alphabets such as Theban, Runic, Hebrew or Enochian.
What ever feels right for you.

Salomon Koninck AN Old Scholar
Since I've used a red pen for the fire element which is associated for “strong will/focus” on the outer ring I am going to write the god name for Archangel Michael which is ADONAI (Lord), because Michael is associated with the southern quarter of a ritual space, and the element for the South and for Michael is fire.

Adonai is six letters, and there are twelve numbers on a clock, so I am going to space out the God name Adonai on every second number on the clock:


Rose Cross Sigil Generator, Sigil Craft, Sigil Magick, Seance Records Occult Magazine, Adonai

The picture on the right is the finished talisman, so all that is left to do is charge the talisman for use!

Hold the talisman in both hands, and take a few long deep breaths. Now I want you to imagine a white light coming down from the heavens, and into your body entering the crown of your head, all the way down through your body, and then through your feet and filling the earth with white light. Breathe in a few more times and with each breath your body and the earth fills with even more light. Note that with every exhale, the light doesn't dissipate, it only becomes more intense. For those a bit more familiar with this technique, you could either just fire up the Tiphareth centre with golden light, or perform the Middle Pillar ritual to charge the talisman.

Once you feel you have filled yourself with as much light as possibly can, starting with your heart (Tiphareth centre) visualise a red light (since we used the association of fire for focus) growing there like an orb, and make it grow till it fills your entire body.


Joseph Coomans The Amulet

Channel this light from your heart centre down your arms, hands and fingers and into the talisman so it begins to shine brightly with the same red light. See the paper, the black and red lines, and the letters of the outer ring all glow with this brilliant red light. Feel this light powering up your talisman with the desire, intent and purpose of its creation. This talisman will now bring greater focus to your current project. Once you feel you have charged the talisman enough, let the red light in your body fade away.

Now after cutting it to shape (square or circle etc) you can use and wear your amulet or talisman any way you want. You can put it in your wallet, bag, or your pocket. But if you want to be fancy like me, you can fold it in quarters which I do after I cut around the outer ring so it's circular. Folding it in quarters creates a triangular shape which is the perfect fit for a triangular pouch my partner made me that hangs from a leather cord. The cord is the perfect length so the pouch sits over my Tiphareth centre, much like how we wear a crucifix or another other pendant that protects us.


sigil craft, sigil magick, triangle, rose cross sigil generator, Adonai, Tphareth, Seanc Records Occult Magazine

So here ends the tutorial on creating amulets and talismans. I hope you are able to create one that satisfies your desires, or removes that problem from your life. Let me know in the comments below what you created!

You can also find me at:


How to Make and Use Talismans: Israel Regardie.

Israel Regardie, Sigil Magick,  Sigil Craft, Rose Cross Sigil Generator, Rosicrucians, Seance Records Occult Magazine, Occult Books


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Sigil images and photos by Gabriel

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