Environmental Commitment Statement

Seance Records is committed to the environment by aiming to reduce the amount of waste and impact created by our label. We all make an impact but by increasing our awareness we are always assessing how we can change and adapt our practices to better meet these aims. We still have a way to go but in the meantime here are some measures that we have currently implemented to help contribute to the care of the natural world.
  • Seance Records Releases are now issued in gatefold card digi-sleeves to reduce the amount of plastic jewel cases used and discarded.
  • The card & paper used within our CD releases is sustainably sourced with no bleaching.
  • The inks are environmentally friendly soy based
  • We do not use shrink wrap. Cellowrap (on digipaks only) & cello bags are biodegradable.
  • We are committed to recycling and reducing waste within our office space. We recycle where possible paper, cardboard, hard plastics, bubble wrap, plastic mail satchels and soft plastics.
  • We are committed to reuse where possible of envelopes, mailers and other packaging supplies.
  • We donate unwanted office fixtures, supplies, displays or other reusable items to the local recycle / repair and reuse centre.
  • We are currently trying to reduce the amount of plastic used where possible and reduce the use of  non bio degradable packaging beans.
  • All of our packaging beans are reused and the majority are biodegradable starch-based packing beans.
  • We are currently implementing the use where possible of recycled and fully recyclable padded mailers.
  • Phasing out the use of office supplies, materials and packing materials that are not recycled, recyclable or that may be harmful to the environment and always reassessing and auditing our practices to improve.
  • We have made charitable contributions to local charities such as Ku-ring-gai Bat Conservation Society Inc, Higher Ground Raptor Centre, WIRES & other environmental charities.
  • More to come

The natural world has always been an important part of Black Metal in many ways both in terms of inspiration and theme. Reverence for forests, sublime awe inspiring landscapes, winter, seasons, wild life and the cosmos reoccur again and again within the genre both in terms of admiration of its beauty as well as a metaphor for a scope of human conditions and emotions. Equally within Paganism and the occult which much Black Metal is dedicated to the natural world, its seasons and creatures are revered. 



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