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 Krvna Long Forgotten Relic


Concocted in a crypt of funerary fervour, the mephitic waft from the tomb entitled, ‘Long Forgotten Relic’ is the debut demo by Krvna. 2021 is the year engraved on the tomb marker for this marvellous release of sublime Vampyric Black metal that is thematically rooted firmly in the romance tradition of Gothic literature and Byronic vampyrism. With these two tracks, Krvna explores the Vampire mythos from ancient Biblical times to the black forests and mountainous castle crypts of Balkan & Carpathian incarnations of the Vampire.


Krvna Long Forgotten Relic


‘Long Forgotten Relic’ abounds with epic riffs that swell with grandiose and otherworldly energy amidst pure melodic splendour, ominous choral liturgies and fragments of sanguineous decadence that rise to spire-like heights; all while drenched in black, haunting atmospheres and the nocturnal savagery of wanton blood lust.


Krvna Vatra


Krvna is truly a triumph of Vampyric Black Metal, the progeny of maestro Krvna Vatra, hailing from Australia -  and Seance Records has been convivially seduced by the night to release this grand work as a special deluxe tape edition on pro cassette with full body printing and fold out j-card limited to only 50 copies.


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Preview Track from the Debut Demo Cassatte Long Forgotten Relic "Gethsamane Ablaze"


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