Akhtya - Ishtar Labbatum feat. Corona Barathri CD

Akhtya - Ishtar Labbatum feat. Corona Barathri CD

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Akhtya - 'Ishtar Labbatum' feat. Corona Barathri CD
CD edition limited to 300 copies
new 2021 album from Akhtya, a Ritual Dark Ambient project created by Michael W. Ford (Black Funeral, Darkness Enshroud, Strigoii, Varcolaci, Valefor etc.) with music on this release composed by Corona Barathri (Ilya Affectvs / Kein) & Akhtya (Michael W. Ford) Female vocals by Chthonia & Ancient lyre by Gregory Drakopoulos.
This recording is the musical ritualistic hymn and invocation of Ishtar as Venus the Morning & Evening Star: devoid of concepts of cultural morals and ethical limitations, She is the Force and Spirit of the Individual exalting his or her Power (as connected to the Black Flame) in the spiritual and material world. Look beyond your perceived and accepted mythological constructs, limited by dogmatic role, and observe the constant element and the traits which define the Luciferian Will to Power. In this way, Forbidden Knowledge so will be revealed by that cunning Serpent, igniting the Luminous Fire bequeathed by the Archon and the Pandemonium, observing from the Anti-Cosmic Abyss, enthroned in Chaos.
Ishtar Labbatum is a dark ritualistic ambient recording which exalts and invokes the Luciferian Goddess of ancient Mesopotamia, ISHTAR, represented as the planet Venus: The Morning & Evening Star. The structure of this album possesses inter-layers of specifically composed and arranged sounds, atmospheres, and voices. Two tracks on this album, 1. "ISHTAR LABBATUM" & 2. "ISHTAR LABBATUM (Queen of Heaven II)" are a ritualistic collaboration of recordings between AKHTYA and CORONA BARATHRI. Ishtar in ancient Assyria, Babylonia and Sumeria (as Inanna) was the Goddess of Love (lust, desire) and War (rejoicing in bloodshed in temple hymns).
Ishtar is the balanced manifestation of the Luciferian Mind as present in the individual who rejects blind faith and outlets such as the media in trying to control human ability to use rational logic and critical thought. Ishtar Labbatum presents ancient hymns and invocations to Inanna/Ishtar in her most violent and lustful incarnations, manifest in a structure of modern sound and ancient instruments including the lyre and frame drums.

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