Taubrą – Therizo CD

Taubrą – Therizo CD

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Taubrą – 'Therizo' CD

4 panel digipak CD edition with 12 page booklet

TAUBRĄ - ‘sorcery’ in Proto-Germanic language – are an Occult Black Metal band formed early 2022 by musicians from Norway/Switzerland to express the union of primal violence, existential unease and mystical otherness which made canonical Black Metal so fascinating. Centred by the pummelling performances of drummer J. (AARA, THRON) and bassist T. (ex- CHOTZÄ, MALPHAS), the album unfolds in a permanent rush of layered, intertwining riffs and leads from guitarist/composer B. (AARA, MODERN RITES) adorned with the deep, cruel-spirited and distinctly enunciated vocals of R. (ILHALUNG, LEGIONES) imparting occultist lyrics of religion and death. TAUBRĄ carry forth into the modern era the ancient spirits and spells which possessed the legendary second-wave BM artists of the early/mid '90s in a Magickal journey through chaos, ecstasy, darkness and inner contemplation.

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