Gurthang - Martyrium LP (Mustard & Black Swirl Vinyl)

  • $45.00

Gurthang - 'Martyrium' LP

Mustard & black swirl edition with insert & poster limited to 100 copies

Gurthang is back and ready to unleash their 8th studio album, a work of dirgeful heaviness and sombre atmosphere as they keep moving forth in the same direction blending Black Metal with Death / Doom Metal and a lot of ambient background effects making their sound original and outstanding. Offering depth in guitar parts with excellent leads, strong chords, melodies and even a couple of solos. The rhythm guitar brings the same filthy vile sound like we’re used to, where the bass is once again very powerful, harsh, yet, even got a few moments to shine on its own on this record. The drums are well-executed and elevate each song to a higher level by its ferocious diversity it lays down throughout the record and the vocals deliver the same haunted screams which marks the sound of the band.




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