Necromantic Worship – Rites Of Resurrection LP

Necromantic Worship – Rites Of Resurrection LP

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Necromantic Worship – 'Rites Of Resurrection' LP

Black vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve with insert
2022 compilation reissue of demos spanning 2015 - 2016. "The Calling" Demo 2016: With its 2015 debut demo, “Spirit of the Entrance unto Death,” Necromantic Worship firmly established itself as a worthy successor to the ancient Greek gods of black metal. Having first re-conjured the evil spirit of the great Necromantia and their brethren with this three-song offering, Necromantic Worship now returns a mere several months later with its second demo, “The Calling…,” which continues in the same arcane spirit as the first, while adding new elements which serve to yield an even greater result. Still enshrouded in the same occult atmosphere as the previous recording, Necromantic Worship’s newest hymns persist in being primarily driven by the locomotive effect of Ghûllzaraën’s pulsing bass lines.

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