Starfallen - Majesty Forlorn Tape

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Starfallen - 'Majesty Forlorn' Tape

Pro cassette tape with high gloss black shell, j card insert & download code limited to only 100 copies.

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Blazing like their name-sake, a shooting star amidst the darkness – Starfallen return in 2022 with ‘Majesty Forlorn’.  The anticipated follow up to 2019’s debut, ‘Shades of Leviathan’. Like its predecessor, ‘Majesty Forlorn’ spans four meteoric tracks exclusively released on cassette tape by Seance Records. This melodic, mythic metal from Melbourne Australia has been conceived by Chris Volcano (Ignivomous, Abomintor) with Brad Ollis (Ex Destruktor) joining the constellation to craft their zodiac of Ancient occult metal. Doom and gloom prevails with this monstrous spacial monolith of sombre, brooding riffs and melodic majesty that harks to an era of 90s metal where doom, death and black metal merged in a union of sublime darkness and sinister menace with the influence of bands like Samael, Rotting Christ, Katatonia and Paradise Lost. Now the fallen star, illuminated in its brilliant, flaming migration makes its glorious descent across the firmament – Like the celestial beast, so blazes Starfallen with this new offering to plunge the soul into black hole depths.

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