Starfallen - Shades Of Leviathan Tape

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Starfallen - 'Shades Of Leviathan' Tape 

Deluxe tape edition on pro tape with transparent blood red shell, full body printing & j card insert limited to only 50 copies.

Like a falling star blazing though the midnight sky so comes the debut of Starfallen;  melodic, mythic metal from Melbourne Australia. Formed by Chris Volcano (Ignivomous, Abomintor)  with Brad Ollis (Ex Destruktor) joining the constellation. The duo recorded 'Shades of Leviathan' in 2019 when he stars aligned to form four tracks of doom, gloom and melancholy occult Black Metal with a 90s influence inspired by the likes of Samael, Tiamat and Rotting Christ. Starfallen's music is grand and sombre with melodic riffs that brood with dark menace and shine with sublime darkness, every so often rumbling with vitriol like a great ancient beast.  And as the ancient astrological beast enthroned in the sky closes his starry eye after an aeon, so falls to earth this grand offering from Seance Records...

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