Hagzissa - They Ride Along LP

Hagzissa - They Ride Along LP

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Hagzissa - 'They Ride Along' LP
140g black vinyl edition with insert limited to 400 copies
2019 debut album from the Austrian Black Metal enigma. 'They Ride Along',  and indeed, the album is aptly (and enigmatically) titled, for here do HAGZISSA walk a path of ancient wickedness. Theirs is a black metal that's both older than time itself yet exceedingly fresh in its feral, wild ways; to call it "obscure" would be an understatement, but one need only look at the band's visual presentation to see that HAGZISSA are on their own, horrid wavelength. In fact, despite Austria's potent yet oft-overlooked contributions to the international language of black metal, one could favorably liken They Ride Along to any handful of '90s iconoclasts hailing from the Czech Republic and Poland or the gutted 'n garish horrors released by the late, great Nazgul's Eyrie Productions. Open the imagination and submit to animalistic abandon. Here do HAGZISSA command They Ride Along. 


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