Abythic – Eden Of The Doomed MLP

Abythic – Eden Of The Doomed MLP

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Abythic – 'Eden Of The Doomed' MLP
Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 200 copies
Anythic's new 2022 mini-album continues this upward "downward" trend. Impossibly heavy and portending and patient in their stripped-back but nuanced songwriting, ABYTHIC again give a masterclass in pure 'n' proud death metal songwriting steeped in the grand teachings of mid-period Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Grave, and Pentacle. Indeed, keeping that same power-trio lineup handily underlines the POWER within the no-less-atmospheric crush 'n' cruise; the production, in kind, is sharp and shuddering. Consider Eden of the Doomed a brief-but-robust bookend to Dominion of the Wicked and you'll once again be under ABYTHIC's black-ash spell!

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