Agalloch – The Mantle 2CD (Deluxe Hardcover Book)

Agalloch – The Mantle 2CD (Deluxe Hardcover Book)

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Agalloch – 'The Mantle' 2CD (Deluxe Hardcover Book)


Double CD edition housed in deluxe hardcover 20cm book with silver print featuring a 64 page book with photos, artwork, lyrics, interviews & liner notes. Disc 2 features 'Oddities & Rarities 2001 - 2004' plus rare bonus tracks.

Agalloch's 'The Mantle' isn't just a great and influential album; it's a transformative journey, one that showed the band breaking away from their early direction in favor of its intricate blend of atmospheric metal mixed with an unheard amount of folk, and post-rock canvas. Originally released in 2002, it continues to captivate listeners with its atmospheric depth and emotional resonance decades later. There is no other album like this, none other whose artwork and imagery are so intertwined, every image resonates so well with the music, it feels almost impeccable, as if pictures could tell the songs by themselves. The album allows the nostalgic warmth many crave, yet simultaneously creates a contemporary setting with cold and haunting silver imagery: nature's majestic realm meets post-modern bitterness.

From the haunting melodies of "In the Shadow of Our Pale Companion" to the almost hypnotic rhythms of "I Am the Wooden Doors," the album's sonic palette is as diverse as the landscapes it evokes. Each track on "The Mantle" unfolds like a chapter in a dark, enchanting journey. Agalloch's signature blend of atmospheric (black) metal, deep folk instrumentation, and poetic lyricism creates a sense of introspection, an ethereal post-urban panorama. Ultimately, 'The Mantle' isn't just an album to be listened to; it's another experience to be felt. For fans of atmospheric & profound music, this album remains utterly relevant... and utterly essential.

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