Albionic Hermeticism ‎– Psalms To The Father CD

Albionic Hermeticism ‎– Psalms To The Father CD

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Albionic Hermeticism ‎– 'Psalms To The Father' CD
Jewel case CD edition limited to 300 copies
By command of the Hermetic Order of Ytene, "Psalms to the Father" was recorded in 2019 in various significant locales over England. The vocals were recorded on site in these locations in order to capture the spirit of these places. For example, the first song parts were recorded on Long Mynd in Shropshire, the second song the vocals were recorded as an offering at the bole of the knightwood oak in Ytene. guided meditation in the vale was sung freeform and unplanned in a frozen valley in Staffordshire, sealed forever had part of its vocals recorded atop Glyder Fawr in North Wales. All of these "psalms" are tied intimately to these places and the events of pathworkings conducted there.
This album is a true working of hermetic Black Metal surging with darkness in a way rarely seen these days. Aggressive, majestic and honest. O.W.G.A, the sole member of Albionic Hermeticism describes the project as "enlightenment by means of hermetic rituals in a North-western European context: the ancient rites and gods of Egypt brought forth by their own pagan European past, a past morphed by centuries of migrations including that of the red-haired Egyptian aristocracy to the British isles".

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