Astral Winter ‎– Perdition II CD

Astral Winter ‎– Perdition II CD

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Astral Winter ‎– 'Perdition II' CD
Jewel Case CD edition limited to 500 copies
Astral Winter emerge from the sublime landscape of Australia's Tasmania as 2020 heralds 'Perdition II', the band’s 4th full length album and the follow up to their 2013 album 'Perdition I'. The “Perdition” albums are a flowing majestic piece of art focusing on the instrumental beauty of the atmospheric black metal genre. 'Perdition II' is therefore written along the same line as its predecessor organically melding from one album to the next but with more magnificence and sweeping majesty so you can become even more immersed and lost in the the journey of lavish atmosphere, melodic, symphonic black metal, neo-classical piano with swelling keyboard strains and abundant dark ambiance whilst emotive sounds of nature to let your imagination soar. 

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