Black Crucifixion - Lightless Violent Chaos CD

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Black Crucifixion - 'Lightless Violent Chaos' CD 
Limited edition presented in gatefold digisleeve.
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Forming in the dark days of 1991, Black Crucifixion have long been a revered name in the Finnish black metal scene. From their beginnings through today, the band’s work has been a pillar of challenging magnificence: always with an immediately identifiable sound, but always evolving and surprising, taking the true heart of black metal - boundless freedom, unfettered unorthodoxy - and casting dazzling new shapes with it whilst honoring its original essence. And amidst an already sterling, supremely cult catalog do Black Crucifixion reach its apotheosis with 'Lightless Violent Chaos'. Ever aptly titled, Black Crucifixion's fourth album creates a sonic and lyrical journey that should be experienced by the most adherent supporters of cult black metal as well as fans of progressive rock and dark ambient atmospheres. Indeed, such is the most endearing aspect of this long-cult band: the skillful balance of tradition and transcendence, purity and progressiveness, darkness and its underside.

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