Blasphemy  – Fallen Angel Of Doom.... CD

Blasphemy – Fallen Angel Of Doom.... CD

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Blasphemy  – 'Fallen Angel Of Doom....' CD
Jewel case CD reissue
Following the success of Blasphemy’s “Blood Upon the Altar” demo, which was released in 1989 the Desecraters entered Fiasco Bros. studio to record “Fallen Angel of Doom”. Later that same year, the album was released - and immediately set a new standard of extremity in Black Metal. At the time, Blasphemy had few contemporaries; virtually no one had a style that was so immediate and forceful. Blasphemy drew upon the frenzied assault of death and speed metal, as well as early grindcore acts like Blood and Genocide, but augmented it with the unbridled evil of Sarcofago, Sodom, and Bathory, yielding a new virulent strain of Black Metal. The austere appearance of the album and the music on it, was much like the appearance of the band members depicted on the back cover: menacing, threatening, and violent. In the nearly three decades that have passed since its initial release, it remains unsurpassed. “The Desolate Ones,” originally omitted from the first pressing, have been included for this edition.

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