Blasphemy  – Gods Of War CD

Blasphemy – Gods Of War CD

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Blasphemy  – 'Gods Of War' CD
Jewel case CD edition reissue
Sometimes overshadowed by the masterful 'Fallen Angel of Doom', Blasphemy’s second and final album, 'Gods of War', is no less a masterpiece. In the fall of 1992, Blasphemy returned to Fiasco Bros. studio. The immediate force of the Gods of War album is undeniable. At just over 20 minutes in length, it is as succinct and powerful a statement as any Black Metal. On prominent display are the band’s Grindcore influences, with several of the tracks clocking in at under one minute. The album also features re-recordings of four tracks from the Blood Upon the Altar demo, this time with fuller production. Overall, Gods of War features the most aggressive performances and the heaviest sound of Blasphemy’s studio output. NWN! has endeavored to repackage the release with a layout that is more in keeping with Blasphemy’s previous releases, and more consistent with the band’s original vision.

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