Embrace Of Thorns ‎– Scorn Aesthetics CD

Embrace Of Thorns ‎– Scorn Aesthetics CD

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Embrace Of Thorns ‎– 'Scorn Aesthetics' CD
2018 album encased in their most powerful and punishing production to date, which amplifies the band's growing clarity without sacrificing an ounce of grit, 'Scorn Aesthetics' sees EMBRACE OF THORNS firing on all cylinders...and then crushing them underfoot. Across the album's generous-yet-concise 43 minutes, each of these seven tracks builds with patience and poise, but somehow elusively convey a sense of explosion, detonation, immolation. The effect is one of vortextural churn 'n' spun, slipstreaming the listener into a roiling, ceaselessly humid mass but offering no hope nor reprieve. More generally, Scorn Aesthetics is built upon walls of RIFFS - be they "death metal," "black metal," or just pure METAL - all coalescing into an occult fury, immediately engaging every step of the way and memorable to the very end. 

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