Pestilential Shadows - Cursed Tape

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Pestilential Shadows - 'Cursed' Tape

Deluxe tape edition on pro cassette with sepia shell, full body tape printing, matching transparent sepia case & j-card insert limited to only 50 copies.

The 2006 album from Australia's Pestilential Shadows resurrected finally for this special tape edition. 'Cursed' boils over with simmering vitriol as it spits its vile spells and curses upon the ears. A medieval grimoire of murky doom and a pestilent mire baring tidings of plague, darkness and diabolical works of devilry delivered through  bleak melodic riffs and ice cold vocals that drip venom. The whole album is grandiose in its ferocity and bitterness with a pernicious atmosphere like a magnificent deathly tragedy.

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