Reign In Blood - Missa Pro Defunctis CD

Reign In Blood - Missa Pro Defunctis CD

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Reign In Blood - 'Missa Pro Defunctis' CD
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2019 heralds the LONG-awaited second album from the Germans, the first in 10 years. Truly "old-soul black metal," there is nothing trendy nor nice about REIGN IN BLOOD's attack here: featuring both ultraviolence and melody, hammering primitivism and fleet-footed complexity, haunting atmospheres and dizzying delirium, 'Missa Pro Defunctis' is an album of stark contrasts that somehow is threaded together with the most elusive 'n' sulfurous magick.  REIGN IN BLOOD's return also elusively locates a soundfield that's both rudely raw and clear, cutting, and nuanced in a disarmingly professional manner - again, further underlining how elusive and sulfurous these Germans' magick is. Indeed, this is defiant German black metal that could've been released at the dawn of the new millennium, when the BM underground was still a dangerous entity, and here are REIGN IN BLOOD to regain their rightful throne. All hail! 

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