Deadspace – Unveiling The Palest Truth LP (Red Vinyl)

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Deadspace – 'Unveiling The Palest Truth' LP (Red Vinyl)

Red vinyl edition with silkscreen print on side B, 16 page booklet & A2 poster limited to 111 copies
Australia's Deadspace, have their roots in Suicidal / Depressive black metal beginning in 2014, ever since they have continued to shaped their own unique sound. Now with their 7th full length album in 2023 they present  a massive elegy of violent dissonance and atmosphere. Epic and cavernous darkness ensues haunting the soul with synths, samples and spoken word passages that build layers culminating in massive depths of sound and chaos - destructive, raging, dissonant yet also highly atmospheric. The guitars roar through the album with enough variation from fast riffing to even mid strumming parts where the melodies get a moment to shine. The drums are pounding along with the bass guitar in a beautiful companionship that elevates the whole sound of the music to a more aggressive tune. The vocals give the final touch and deliver mixtures between violent screams and haunted, desolated speeches that blend in very well on the overall sound of the album.

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