Depressive Silence – I CD

Depressive Silence – I CD

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Depressive Silence – 'I' CD

Digipak CD edition limited to 500 copies

The very first material from Depressive silence remastered & re-issued with new art work. Originally from the 1995 split cassette with German black metal band, Mightiest. Depressive Silence is one of the cult acts and forerunners of the Dungeon Synth genre alongside Mortiis and Jim Kirkwood. At first it was just Dark Ambient. Nonetheless it was already something special in that it combined elements from Black Metal (more visually and thematically rather than musically) and fantasy into a new style that appealed to some Black Metal fans as well as those who preferred keyboard music. This first material is a great example of 90s medieval and fantasy inspired dark ambient.

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