Eosphoros ‎– Eosphoros CD

Eosphoros ‎– Eosphoros CD

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Eosphoros ‎– 'Eosphoros' CD
Limited digipak edition
Comprising six epic-length songs in a sinuous 46 minutes, Eosphoros is the epitome of album-length journey. With wanderlust as their only guide, EOSPHOROS dig deep and dredge forth a feral intensity that forever coils, like the mighty Ouroboros, whipping forth delirium and diabolism in equal measure. But, for however hysteric their attack may be, the band never sacrifice dynamics, offering just as much light as shade; not for nothing are they guided by the illuminating light of Lucifer. Those component tracks - "Promethean Fire," "Dross," "Trance of Annihilation," "Feral Heart," "Solitude," and "Sylvan Apotheosis" - are all as aptly titled as the next, evoking the same illumination, the same wanderlust unto delirium, that has guided EOSPHOROS from the beginning...only now, those fires burn brighter than ever. 

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