Fellwarden – Legend: Forged In Defiance CD

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Fellwarden – 'Legend: Forged In Defiance' CD

Deluxe 8 panel digipak edition with 12 page booklet & download code

Epic and sweeping majesty with the 2024 album of melodic, atmospheric folk metal from the UK. A unique blend of atmospheric black metal influenced by iconic bands like Moonsorrow and classic epic metal acts such as Manowar. With a thematic focus on landscapes, folklore, and mythology, Fellwarden's music aims to immerse listeners in timeless worlds of ancient spirits and tales of sacrifice. The latest release, 'Legend,' is a concept album based on David Gemmell's novel, featuring a narrative of duty and resilience.  Each track represents a wall of the fortress from Gemmell's book, enhancing the album's immersive experience. As the dawn breaks on this new chapter, behold the majestic artistry adorning the album's cover, once again crafted by the esteemed artist Kris Vervimp. Let FELLWARDEN's evocative melodies and storytelling prowess carry you away on a journey of epic proportions.

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