Furis Ignis – Decapitate The Aging World CD

Furis Ignis – Decapitate The Aging World CD

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Furis Ignis – 'Decapitate The Aging World' CD
CD edition limited to 500 copies
2022 debut from FURIS IGNIS, a brand-new one-man entity hailing from Germany. Despite its relative newness, FURIS IGNIS indeed wields German steel forged during the days of the ancients. No more but definitely no less, the band's Decapitate the Aging World debut is pure 'n' proud black metal from the days when black metal was strictly BLACK METAL. As forecasted by its starkly alluring cover art, Decapitate the Aging World recalls misty and mystical spirits from glorious, desolate times - be they Moonblood or early Desaster or equally early Katharsis - planting the banner of olde Germania deep into the frost-covered soil. And yet, for all this requisite coldness, more potently does a FIRE burn within FURIS IGNIS that makes its debut statement one that commands attention for its undeniably physical intensity: ghoulish and grim, yes, but stout and muscular and legitimately live. Underpinning this fiery intensity is a tasteful dusting of shimmering synth - "a touch of medieval darkness," as it were - just lingering enough like fog across a haunted moor.

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