Horn  ‎– Mohngang CD

Horn ‎– Mohngang CD

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Horn  ‎– 'Mohngang' CD

 New 2020 album of classicist, almost-medieval style black metal bound to pagan roots. The band's old material, being mainly concerned with detailed descriptions of nature and incorporating rather upbeat, folk-influenced riffing, has made way for more sinister themes and soundscapes over the years. What has remained firm is the distinct "HORN sound," featuring siren-like lead guitars, classic black metal-styled vocals as well as clean chorals, and a serious folkloristic approach far from the jolly drunken Viking tunes celebrated in the nowadays metal scene.
Now, two years after the celebrated Retrograd comes arguably HORN's strongest German steel yet: Mohngang. Here does HORN sound even vaster and more epic, their characteristically widescreen, wanderlusting splendor rendered in rich 'n' robust tones, evincing the band's most powerful and professional production to date. Likewise, marching mid-tempos take center stage here, both spanning heavy metal's ancient spirit and solemnity alike; this ever-richer canvas is rooted even more firmly in tradition, but with those (marching) sights set on the path forward. And indeed, HORN sets out upon a new path here, expanding their sonic arsenal to include cello, dulcimer, and even trumpet, giving Mohngang a breathtakingly cinematic aspect. 

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