House Of Atreus  ‎– From The Madness Of Ixion CD

House Of Atreus ‎– From The Madness Of Ixion CD

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House Of Atreus  ‎– 'From The Madness Of Ixion' CD
One of the most singular hordes to hail from North American soil lo the last decade, HOUSE OF ATREUS have patiently and painstakingly crafted death metal of a most epic order. A veritable riff-machine, this Minneapolis-based quartet are powered by the Greek tragedies and have that very same tragedy (as well as triumph) coursing through their rough 'n' rugged veins. Theirs is a sound unapologetically influenced by the ancient Hellenic legends Varathron and Rotting Christ as well as other singular riff-machines like Grand Belial's Key and Arghoslent, and the earliest and most blackened works of Running Wild. However, HOUSE OF ATREUS handily transcend these influences, and as evidenced by their critically acclaimed debut album, they've managed to add to this glorious lineage rather than merely bottom-feed off it.  Magick in the purest sense of the word, then, HOUSE OF ATREUS indeed ensorcel all who dare to enter From the Madness of Ixion. Thus, how will you emerge: tragic, or triumphantly? 

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