Ichor - God Of Thunder God Of War CD

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Ichor - God Of Thunder God Of War CD
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Formed in 1993 by founding members of Nazxul, the band disappeared into obscurity after one demo tape, however now renewed Ichor returns to summon their debut album from the primordial flames. With a sound both timeless and current, Ichor summons the essence of ancient days whilst charging forward across the present creating music which is simultaneously, grim majestic and bittersweet. This is the stuff of ancient lore; tales told by firelight of the clash of iron, shades, shadows, blood and magic taking inspiration from Slavic folk tales & witchcraft. An ancient power awakens… Hail God of Thunder God of War! CD edition comes in gate fold digi-sleeve with booklet limited to 500 copies. Exclusive patch limed to 100 only also available as bundle deal in drop down menu.


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