Ignis Haereticum ‎– Luciferian Gnosis CD

Ignis Haereticum ‎– Luciferian Gnosis CD

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Ignis Haereticum ‎– 'Luciferian Gnosis' CD
Colombian Black Metal from the darkest recesses of the soul, a forceful chaos of darkness and powerful journey of introspection with lyrics inspired by 'Luciferian Gnosis', a concept that encompasses the esoteric traditions and occult philosophy. This Opus was conceived and written as an entire piece instead of just a bunch of songs. It is an Illuminative treatise of the band's Gnosis, which is conformed by two ways: The purgative way and the Illuminating way. The purgative way deals with the active purification of the internal and external senses, the passions, the understanding and the will, through mortification and meditation. Here the spiritual is nourished by the physical, reminding us of all our imminent mortality. At the end of this first part begins the infused contemplation, whereby the soul rises towards the illumination. It is here where we are aware of our divine condition and we leave behind the attachments of the flesh and the limitations of this material world. Bringing for us, the next path: The Illuminative Way, which is the recognition of ourselves, our nature, is the state in which we are aware of our spirituality free of dogmas. Here our humanity loses all value and only remains our divine communion with the Light of knowledge, which is none other than the reflection of our own light that dwells in the depths of our consciousness.

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