Infernal Curse - Revelations Beyond Insanity LP

Infernal Curse - Revelations Beyond Insanity LP

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Infernal Curse - 'Revelations Beyond Insanity' LP
Black vinyl edition with insert limited to 300 copies
Hailing from the oft-overlooked scene of Argentina. INFERNAL CURSE deliver their third album, Revelations Beyond Insanity. Once again, the Argentinians both embody and defy the bestial metal paradigm, and harken back to the earliest expulsions from mid '80s South America. After its eerie church-organ intro, Revelations Beyond Insanity kicks in with one of the most SAVAGE guitar/bass tones in many years; swirling and deliriously effected, all strings chundering forth from their fingers congeal into a crumbling cathedral of nightmarish enormity. That drummer Bestial Offensor follows suit with a loose & lively tornado of DD Crazy-style controlled chaos should not be surprising: South American touchstones like Bloody Vengeance, Immortal Force, and especially INRI and Sexual Carnage are recast in a manner both world-eating and ceremonial. Yet, for INFERNAL CURSE, even when plumbing the depths of primitivism, a haunting throughline elevates their approach above base barbaric physicality and into the realm of rigorous mind-expansion - that that Beyond explodes into a kaleidoscope of feral atavism at the heart of the psychedelic experience.

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