Krvna  – For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh CD

Krvna – For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh CD

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Krvna  – 'For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh' CD
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Krvna return in 2023 with their second album. Immediately, the aggression is more tangible, more restless, but so is the grandiosity as six equally epic compositions unfold and take flight. Indeed, the sensation of flight is an apt one; racing and roiling with a blastbeaten intensity, there's simultaneously a hovering - if not entirely ethereal - aspect that plays perfect counterpoint to that emphatic violence. Truly, Krvna's attack swarms here, sounds rippling and reverberating across a ruined cathedral, but executed with startling clarity: you'd be hard pressed to find a better-produced authentic black metal record these days. Krvna Vatra's superlative songwriting prowess receives the proper sonic presentation, and that synthesis of form and content makes all the difference in rendering For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh an engaging and engrossing experience on all levels. That the mainman's lyrical themes delve deeper into philosophical concepts surrounding existential dread, vampirism, immortality, and transubstantiation only give greater weight to making this Krvna's defining statement thus far.

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