Malakhim - Theion CD

Malakhim - Theion CD

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Malakhim - 'Theion' CD
Black vinyl edition with 20 page 12" booklet limited to 400 copies
New 2021 album of Swedish Black Metal majesty! Immediately and mesmerizingly sounding like the MALAKHIM of the past two short-lengths, Theion strikes with precision and purpose, clarity and crush. One could say, quite rightly, that the album is the pinnacle of orthodox black metal for the rest of the 2020s and leave it at that - and that one would be right. Yet, step deeper into Theion and find a majestic-yet-malevolent melodicism that harkens back to the ancient days of No Fashion and Solistitium; just as equally, that melodicism twists in unexpected ways, exuding a modernity that's palpable, palatable, and exceptionally multi-faceted. Likewise, the quintet's songwriting explores all reaches of the sonic spectrum, from slipstreaming speed to rumbling repose - if anything, their aggression has gotten altogether nastier - and all is encased in a richly 3D production that's professional and powerful, dynamically detailed but without losing any urgency. Or, simply, the sum effect of Theion could be personified in the song title "The Splendour of Stillborn Stars"...

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